Choosing a colour palette for your tiles

Choosing a colour palette for your tiles: advice from the tile experts at our Folkestone store

Colour can be a very powerful psychological tool: it can be harnessed to evoke many different feelings and emotions in individuals.  The choice of colour used in a room can impact on the occupant’s mood and perception – from relaxed and contemplative to invigorated and sociable. 

Choosing colour for your home’s interior can be fairly daunting – especially when it relates to a commitment, such as floor or wall tiles, which will be in situ for a number of years –  however, it’s important not to be afraid of colour.  Read our tips and advice on choosing the right colour for your tiles from the tile experts at our Folkestone store:

1.    Look at the light – and the colour – in your room
Our perception of colour can vary considerably, depending on the specific light in the room.  It’s crucial that you check potential tile options in the room you're decorating, rather than making a decision in a brightly-lit showroom. 

A tile sample is a useful tool in your decision-making process and by taking samples away from our branches you will be able to see the exact colour of your sample in your own lighting and environment.  Use a sheet of white paper to isolate your colour choice without it being affected by nearby shades. It’s also worth noting that the finish of the tiles will impact on the effect, e.g. glossy tiles will throw back more light than matt. 

2.    Create a contrast
It’s best not to match all colours, or tones of colour, completely – a bit of contrast is a good thing and will add visual interest. For example, in a kitchen avoid matching the colour of the worktop to the wall and floor tiles and the cabinets otherwise the room will become very bland, flat and monochrome.  On the other hand, there should be a sense of coordination between surfaces so that the room feels cohesive and different elements don’t jar the eye. 

3.    Identify the mood you want to create
Don't forget to think about the mood of your room. A kitchen-dining room will likely be a place of entertainment, fun and laughter with friends and family, so could take on a brighter or bolder scheme, whereas a bathroom might call out for a calmer colour range to encourage a feeling of serenity – although you can still dare to be different with colour accents.

4.    Take inspiration from the colour combinations you love
If you have an affinity for a certain hue or colour palette then why not carry it through to your tile choice.  For example, you might use a favourite item of clothing or decorative homeware piece as inspiration for your colour choice - for example a rug, plate, painting or scarf.

5.    Light and dark colours
Light coloured tiles can make small rooms look bigger, as they reflect the light more than darker colours, giving an airy and spacious feel.  Dark colours can add drama and richness to an interior.  Using the same colour or tone for wall and floor tiles can also give your room a spacious effect. 

6.    If in doubt, ask for expert advice 
If you’re still feeling unsure about colour then pop in store and speak to a friendly member of the Ceramica Tiles team.

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