Selecting floor tiles for a family home

Selecting floor tiles for a family home

With such a wide variety of floor tiles available in many different finishes and tones, it can be difficult to decide which to choose for a family home.  Whilst there does need to be some practical considerations for certain rooms, especially if there are younger children in the home, practicality certainly does not need to reign over style.  

In this blog, the tile experts from our Cheam store give their advice on what should be considered when choosing floor tiles for a home. 

Slip proof for kitchens and bathrooms

Whether your kitchen or bathroom has a contemporary, traditional or super sleek look, there is a floor tile that will fit with your design. Whilst a high gloss finish has become extremely fashionable in the last couple of years, as these tiles can make any room look stunning, be wary if selecting them for bathrooms and kitchens, as they can become slippery when water is spilled.  Therefore, ensure any floor tiles for kitchens and bathrooms have slip resistant qualities.

Wise choice for a hallway

A hallway is perhaps the one room in the house that has to deal with the most. It’s a high footfall area and can often be walked on by wet and muddy shoes, so a durable tile is needed.  As porcelain tiles are denser than their ceramic counterparts, they are stronger and therefore a good choice for entrance halls.  But, that doesn’t mean that your style options are limited.  Take a look at our Cosmos Country range, which has a striking stone effect pattern that makes a stunning entrance to a home. 

Making the space cosy

Many people just see floor tiles as the practical option and ignore them for use in rooms where the emphasis is on relaxation, such as a living room.  However, a cosy feel can be achieved by a clever selection of floor tiles based on colours and textures. Choose tiles that have warming tones, such as browns and auburns – our Cotto D’Alcobaca terracotta tiles and Traverkway wood effect tiles make excellent choices.  Adding rugs to give a soft touch underfoot will finish the look and give you a cosy place to unwind.

Making a statement with wall and floor tiles

Making a bold statement in a home with tiles is becoming extremely popular.  Whether it’s using our Hexatile range to create a stunning floor of different patterns and colours, or creating a glamourous bathroom with sparkling mosaics, there is a wide variety of tiles on the market to make a home stand out.  Instead of using paint or wallpaper to create a feature wall, there is also the option of using tiles to make a bold statement - there are practical benefits too as tiles are a lot easier to clean than wallpaper!

Ceramica Tiles: the perfect floor tiles for your home

The tiles experts at our showrooms have the knowledge to help you ensure you choose the right tiles for your home.  Pop in to one of our stores to view our extensive range, or speak to a member of the Ceramica Tiles team:

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