stone effect porcelain tiles

The benefits of stone-effect porcelain tiles

The stylish appearance of stone flooring has enabled it to be considered one of the most popular choices of floorings for many years.  However, its costly price tag and high maintenance has resulted in stone effect porcelain tiles becoming the new favourable choice amongst homeowners and interior designers.  The elegant style and expensive finish together with its lowercost and low maintenance make porcelain tiles a fantastic alternative to real stone.

Stone effect porcelain tiles that last

Just as spectacular and hardwearing as natural stone flooring, stone effect porcelain tiles offer the same level of durability as the real thing but with an added stain and chip resistance, ensuring you are not constantly worrying about spilling or dropping anything on them. Natural stone flooring is incredibly susceptible to cracking and chipping and is not easy or cheap to replace, whereas porcelain tiles will offer homeowners durability.

Whilst many other flooring materials may wear and start showing their age after a few years, stone effect porcelain tiles are perfect for high traffic areas within your home.

As Porcelain tiles are incredibly hardwearing and resilient to chipping and staining, they work well for external use too. Stone effect porcelain tiles can transform a tired looking garden into a stylish extension of the home, where guests and household members look forward to spending time.

Reduce costs with stone effect porcelain tiles

The cost of natural stone tiles can be extortionate and this may lead to homeowners buying the lesser value quality tile in order to fit in with their budget, however, the affordability of stone effect porcelain tiles allows homeowners to select a high standard product resulting in longer lasting quality.

The cost of maintenance will also be greatly reduced with stone effect porcelain tiles as their chip and stain resistance and virtually impermeable properties will ensure they stay looking and feeling newer for longer. Specialist cleaning products are also not required for porcelain tiles unlike natural stone as they are a lot less sensitive to harsher cleaning agents.

As well as staying within your budget, stone effect porcelain tiles are a lot more durable compared to other flooring materials such as stone effect laminate or carpet.

Installing stone effect porcelain tiles

The installation of natural stone tiles is renowned for being labour intensive and difficult for those who haven’t been trained in tiling. Stone effect porcelain tiles, however, are a lot easier to install as they do not require sealing and can be cut with a dry cutter, unlike stone itself which needs to be cut with a wet cutter.

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