wall tiles to trick the eye

Tricking the eye: floor and wall tiles for space and light

We’re all accustomed to seeing aspirational images of spacious and beautifully-lit interiors in magazines, advertisements and on screen, but the reality is that our homes don’t usually measure up.  The good news is that, with careful selection and installation, floor and wall tiles can optically expand and lighten the space.

Patterned or plain floor and wall tiles?

Some patterned floorcoverings and wall tiles can add visual ‘clutter’ that make a limited space feel even smaller and more cramped but certain types of pattern can have the opposite effect.  Oversized diamond floor tiles will create long diagonal lines that give the eye a longer path to follow, thus making the room feel wider than it actually is. For wall tiles a horizontally-oriented rectangular shape, such as a metro tile, will also serve to expand the eyes’ perception of width.

Alternatively, if you’re decorating a compact bathroom, choose plain large format floor and wall tiles, in light or mid tones, to cover the entire space for an expansive effect. Choose rectified tiles, which can be laid close together with minimal grout lines and pair with matching coloured grout to create a polished, seamless look.

Wall tiles for a bijou kitchen

Light coloured floor and wall tiles will instantly make rooms feel larger and more spacious, enhancing the sense of space and making walls feel like they’re receding (by contrast darker hues make rooms feel more snug and enclosed).

Semi-glossy wall tiles will subtly amplify the effects of natural and artificial light. An expanse of wall tiles across a few walls will help draw the eye along the space. A low level of contrast – within a harmonious colour palette in the rest of the room, e.g. for kitchen units – will allow the eye to glide across  the room, another optical illusion which makes a space feel larger than it really is.

Floor and wall tiles for a galley kitchen, bathroom or hallway

When it comes to a narrow galley kitchen or hallway, the orientation of your floor tiles can work for or against you. Horizontal stripes or plank-style tiles, running from side to side, rather than the length of the room will stretch the apparent floor space.

In bathrooms, where shower spaces and areas behind baths are tiled, we recommend laying the wall tiles up to the ceiling as this will create an illusion of more space, by avoiding an optical ‘break’ on the wall. Open the space further with wall mounted fixtures, basin and toilet so that as much floor as possible is on view.

Lighten a dark room with floor and wall tiles

Certain rooms – such as the hallway, bathroom or an ensuite – might have less natural light than we’d like. If this is the case with your home, then choosing a lighter tone of floor and wall tiles will really boost the space and open up the room. Whereas matt wall tiles absorb light, those with a glazed surface are reflective and will bounce any light back.

Once lighter floor and wall tiles have been selected then complement them with clever lighting choices.  The best approach is to select several different lighting elements for the various purposes that the space needs to serve. 

Ceramica: stylish floor and wall tiles for the discerning homeowner

Our comprehensive, high quality stock collection of floor and wall tiles is selected with discerning homeowners in mind, and we also offer natural stone flooring.

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